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Ansar helps migrants

Many migrants need to visit London because they have family here: these visits help to maintain family ties. Other migrants need to visit London for business: global business needs global mobility. And of course, some migrants want to visit London as tourists: they just love this city! We have helped many migrants with their visit visa applications. Some migrants also ask us for help after their visit visa application is refused.

We can use our experience to help you with your visit.

For Work

Some migrants come to London to set up businesses here, with an Innovator visa. London offers a large market and a long history as a city that encourages new businesses. Other migrants come to London to work for companies here, with a Skilled Worker visa. London has many businesses that need to bring employees here from other countries.

We can help you with your Innovator or Skilled Worker visa application. We can also help businesses with their Sponsor Licence applications, allowing them to bring people to the UK for work.

For Study

Many migrants come to London to study in its excellent schools and universities, with a Student visa. Education in London offers many opportunities to work here, for example with a Start Up visa or with a Graduate visa.

We can use our experience and our contacts with education professionals to help you with your Student visa application.

For Family

Many migrants come to London because of family, with a Family visa. Some of them have partners or children here. Others have relatives who they need to care for them here.

We can provide the personal and sensitive approach that is necessary for your application.

Some migrants have to stay in London because it is too dangerous for them to return to their country. There can be many reasons for the danger, including war, Government, family and illness.

We can help you to claim asylum in London, to prepare for your interviews and to persuade the Government to give you asylum.

Sometimes, the Government tries to deport or remove migrants. Normally, this is because they have committed a crime or because they do not have a visa. Migrants often try to challenge deportation or removal because it is too dangerous for them to return to their country, or because they have family here.

We can help you to challenge deportation or removal.

Sometimes, the Government detains migrants. This is normally because it wants to deport or remove them. Unfortunately, it often detains migrants for a long period of time.

We can help you to make a bail application so that the Government releases you as quickly as possible. We may also be able to help you to obtain compensation from the Government for your detention.

Some migrants want to become British citizens, for example through naturalisation or registration applications. This helps them to show their close ties with this country. It can also help some migrants to travel more easily.

We can help you with your naturalisation or registration application, to complete your journey as a migrant in London.

The Government refuses many applications from migrants. There are various ways to challenge Government decisions, including appeals, Judicial Reviews and Administrative Reviews. We can help with all of them.

We can advise you on the documents that you need to challenge the Government decision. We can guide you through the process. And we can help you at court.

We try to obtain a positive result as quickly as possible.



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