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What do they say about us?

Guiding us through the bureaucratic maze

I am from Argentina, but my boyfriend is from London. Ansar helped me obtain a visa to stay in the UK, allowing us to be together and me to work and study here. Ansar was amazingly helpful throughout the whole process, guiding us through the bureaucratic maze with patience and attention to detail. The end… Read more “Guiding us through the bureaucratic maze”

Visa to be with my wife and child

I am from Kenya. I asked Ansar to help me obtain a visa to come to the UK to be with my wife and child. The application was successful and this was important to me as I was keen to take care of and be with my family. I was happy with Ansar because they… Read more “Visa to be with my wife and child”

Leave to remain for my mother

I am very pleased with the service of Ansar. They provide the highest level of professional service that anyone could hope for. My mum is from India and she has recently been granted leave to remain. Her case was very complicated and had been refused a few times with different solicitors. Ansar have been brilliant… Read more “Leave to remain for my mother”

Asylum for a better life

I met Ansar to help me to apply for asylum in the United Kingdom in 2017. Everything went well as I won my case in 2018. I was so happy for the successful application that Ansar helped with. I am so thankful for the help and guidance and that I can have a change for… Read more “Asylum for a better life”

Pre action letters for a spouse visa

I applied for a Spouse visa to the UK authorities. They stated that they aimed to make a decision within 3 months. After 2 months I received a letter from them – they mentioned a Supreme Court case and said that they were unable to process my application so my case would be on hold.… Read more “Pre action letters for a spouse visa”

My application for asylum

I asked Ansar to help me out with my application for asylum in the UK. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Ansar was compassionate, and professional and guided me through every step in the process for a successful outcome. This has been the most important part of my life and I am so very… Read more “My application for asylum”