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Immigration appeals at the First Tier Tribunal£7,500-£11,500
Innovator Founder visa application £3,000-£5,000
Global Talent visa application£3,000-£5,000
Sponsor Licence application£2,500-£4,000
Family visa application (for example Spouse, Fiancé, Parent, Child, Relative under UK Immigration Rules) £2,500-£4,000
Ancestry visa application £2,500-£4,000
Indefinite Leave to Remain application (for example Long Residence)£2,500-£4,000
Student visa application£2,000-£3,500
Nationality application (for example naturalisation, registration)£1,750-£3,000
Skilled Worker visa application£1,750-£3,000
UK Expansion Worker visa application£1,750-£3,000
Visit visa application£1,750-£3,000

Please contact us for our fees for any combination or other immigration issue, for example:

  • Sponsor Licence application + Skilled Worker visa application 
  • Judicial Review Claim   
  • Administrative Review application  
  • Asylum application / appeal           

Our fees on this website are for one person. For applications, they may include:

  • Advising you on the process 
  • Preparing the application form
  • Advising you on the required documents
  • Preparing letters 
  • Submitting your documents

For appeals, our fees may include:

  • Advising you on the process 
  • Preparing the appeal form
  • Advising you on the required evidence
  • Preparing and submitting your appeal bundle
  • Instructing third parties

At our initial meeting, we can discuss your case. We can then agree a fee for your case, which will depend on (for example) your circumstances, the time for your case, the precise scope of work and the number of people included in your case.

Our fees on this website do not include any other costs, for example VAT (20%, if payable), Government fees, Tribunal fees, barrister fees, expert fees or translation / interpreting fees. Government fees for Sponsor Licence applications normally start from £536. Further Government fees are payable for later stages of the process. Government fees for most visa applications under the UK Immigration Rules are approximately £1,000-£3,000. Tribunal fees for appeals are normally £140. Barrister, expert and translation / interpreting fees vary, depending on the amount of work that you require and the person / company that you use.

Normally, we can complete our work on an application within around 1 month, or on an appeal within 3-6 months. However, this also depends on (for example) the time that you need to obtain the documents for your application or appeal.

In general, the Government makes a decision within 2-6 months of receipt of your application. However, this also depends on (for example) the category of your application and the fee that you pay to them. In general, the First Tier Tribunal makes a decision within 4-8 weeks of the hearing of your appeal.



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