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What do we do?

UK Visas

Ansar helps migrants come to or stay in the UK for investment, work, study or family.


Ansar helps migrants stay in the UK for asylum.


Ansar helps migrants challenge deportation or removal from the UK.


Ansar helps migrants challenge detention


Ansar helps migrants become UK citizens.

What do they say about us?

  • Great expert advice

    The Home Office rejected my application to stay in the UK with my wife and I asked Usman at Ansar to help me appeal against the decision. The appeal was successful. This was important for me because my wife and other close family members live in the UK and I did not want to be separated from them. I was happy with Usman because throughout the appeals process I felt he really cared about me and my case and gave really great expert advice that has ultimately helped me stay with my family.”

    Great expert advice
    Ecuadorian Woman
    Ansar helped a woman from Ecuador to stay in the UK with her British wife. When she came to us, she was living in the UK without a visa. The Government refused her application, but in her appeal we persuaded the Tribunal that the Government's decision breached her human rights. Ansar helps to defend the human rights of migrants in same sex couples.
  • I would highly recommend Ansar

    I asked Ansar to help me to apply for a renewal visa. The application was successful. This was important for me because I can stay and live with my husband in London. I was very happy with [Usman from] Ansar because he is professional, kind and understanding, with a wide knowledge of immigration matters. I would highly recommend Ansar and I would definitely use them without hesitation. Many, many thanks for everything.”

    The client said (in Arabic):

    أنا من لبنان . طلبت من السيد أنصار أن يساعدني في تجديد إقامتي في لندن .الحمدلله تمت ألأمور بنجاح كبير وبسرعة غير متوقعة . تجديد الإقامة يهمني جداً لكي ابقى مع زوجي في لندن . السيد أنصار محام لديه الخبرة والكفاءة والمعرفة الجيدة في شؤون الهجرة .إنه محام صبور ومتفهم ومتجاوب .أنا انصح بالتعامل معه .

    شكراً جزيلاً لخدمته.

    I would highly recommend Ansar
    Lebanese Woman
    Ansar helped a woman from Lebanon to stay in the UK with her British husband. The case was complicated because of the evidence that she had to provide of her husband's work in the UK. Ansar helps migrants to understand complicated immigration rules.
  • All of our objectives were met with Ansar's efficient help

    “I am an elderly person with health problems living alone in my country of origin, Venezuela. My son lives and works in the United Kingdom. Therefore I decided to ask Ansar to help me to apply for a visa through the appropriate legal channels, which would allow me to stay in this country with my son and his wife. The application was successful and all of our objectives were met with Ansar’s efficient help. This company gave us all their support and advice. Now I feel happy that everything has turned out so well. Because of this I recommend Ansar fully and I will always be grateful to them.”

    The client said (in Spanish):

    “Soy una persona mayor, con problemas de salud, viviendo sola en mi país, Venezuela. Mi hijo vive y trabaja en el Reino Unido. De modo que decidi solicitar a Ansar que me ayudara en los tramites para obtener una Visa que me permitiera quedarme en ese país con el y su esposa. La solicitud fue exitosa y se consiguieron los objetivos con la eficiente ayuda de Ansar. Esta empresa nos brindo todo su apoyo y asesoramiento. Hoy dia me siento feliz de que todo haya salido muy bien. Por esto, los recomiendo ampliamente y siempre les estare agradecida.”

    All of our objectives were met with Ansar's efficient help
    Venezuelan Woman
    Ansar obtained a European visa for a client in Venezuela, allowing her to join her family in the UK.
  • I couldn't be happier with the outcome

    “I asked Ansar to help me out with my application for asylum in the UK. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Ansar was compassionate, professional and guided me through every step in the process for a successful outcome. This has been the most important part of my life and I am so very pleased that I had Ansar to help me.”

    I couldn't be happier with the outcome
    Malaysian Woman
    Ansar helped a trans woman from Malaysia obtain asylum. We worked hard from the beginning to prepare the case and the Home Office agreed to grant her asylum. We are very happy with the result.
  • EEA Permanent Residence Card

    “I asked Ansar to help me obtain an EEA Permanent Residence Card to stay in the UK. The application was successful. This was important for me because of my family issues. Usman at Ansar is a professional solicitor and very nice as a person! I was happy with him because he did more than his best as my case was so difficult. I did suggest him to my friends and their applications were successful as well! Hope to deal with you in future. Thank you so much Ansar. God bless you!”

    EEA Permanent Residence Card
    Georgian Man
    Ansar helped a Georgian man to obtain an EEA Permanent Residence card. He is married to a Lithuanian woman. He only had to wait 3 months for his Permanent Residence card. Ansar can help migrants to obtain quick results.
  • Communication was very professional

    “I asked Ansar to help me apply for an EEA family permit. The application was successful! I am very happy with Ansar because the process was explained clearly and the communication was very professional. I would like to thank Ansar for their work and for giving me the opportunity to be with my wife in London. I highly recommend Ansar to anyone that is looking to make a visa application.”

    Communication was very professional
    Iraqi Man
    Ansar helped an Iraqi man come to London to join his Dutch wife. We try to bring the world together in London.
  • I definitely recommend this law firm

    “I applied for a Spouse visa to the UK authorities. They stated that they aimed to make a decision within 3 months. After 2 months I received a letter from them – they mentioned a Supreme Court case and said that they were unable to process my application so my case would be on hold. I received my documents back without a visa and without any explanation.

    One of my London friends recommended Ansar. Before applying with Ansar, for 4 months I was really suffering – it was such a difficult situation, waiting really felt like it was killing me. I was stressed. Living separately put a lot of strain on me and my husband as a couple.

    Within a month, Ansar sent 2 Pre action letters to the UK authorities and very soon after the second Pre action letter, they made a decision on my application and asked me to resubmit my passport for my visa.

    I was very impressed with Ansar’s service. Wow. What a great experience. They were polite and professional and at very short notice they started to deal with my case. They were talking to me throughout to make sure I was informed about what was going on. They were kind, very patient and extremely professional – they were happy to answer any questions and help in any way they can.

    I definitely recommend this law firm.”

    I definitely recommend this law firm
    Armenian Woman
    Ansar helped a woman from Armenia obtain a visa to settle in the UK with her husband. Ansar helps to bring migrant families together.

What is our news?

2 days ago
Expatriate workers’ remittances targeted as source of finance

This sounds like a great opportunity - migrants receive a better return on their money than they do from the banks; and their countries of origin receive more investment than they do from remittances ... See more

Migrants’ money channelled into diaspora bonds and infrastructure investment

1 week ago

London is the only place in England where there are more non-British people than British people working in the tourism sector:

1 week ago
Map title here

East London has more GPs who obtained their qualifications abroad than almost anywhere else in England:

1 week ago

London relies on non-British people for healthcare more than anywhere else in the UK:

1 week ago

An Upper Tribunal Judge has praised Usman from Ansar: "... Mr Sheikh, who I may say has argued the Claimant's case with skill and professionalism …"

1 week ago
Government profits double in four years as immigration laws tighten and visa fees rise

We have said many times that Government fees for migrants are too high. If you agree, contact your MP:

The Home Office made a £500 million pound profit last year in pursuit of its immigration policies, according to research carried out by the Times.

1 week ago
PM sets out vision to cement UK as a science superpower

The Government has announced plans to attract migrant scientists to the UK - but it has not yet said what will happen to migrant scientists from the EU.

The world’s top scientists will be encouraged to move to the UK under a shake-up of immigration rules announced by the Prime Minister today.

2 weeks ago
ANSAR - Immigration Law Specialists in London

Ansar now has a new website:
We would be grateful for any comments / feedback that you may have.

ANSAR Law firm helping migrants in London Request a Consultation What do we do? UK Visas Ansar helps migrants come to or stay in the UK for investment, work,

3 weeks ago

Ansar has helped a man from Armenia to obtain an ID card showing that he can stay in the UK permanently. He needed this to help him travel. His visa was in his old passport and he encountered ... See more

4 weeks ago
Access to Justice: using technology to close the gap | Autto - easy-to-use office automation

Usman from Ansar has written this article on using technology to improve access to justice:

Guest Post: Using technology to improve access to justice     By Usman Sheikh ; Technology has the potential to democratise the law, but up until now, access to technology was the ... See more

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